You can return your order or part of it within 14 days since the receiving date. The return shipment cost, equals to the shipment cost you’ve already paid, is charged to you and it will be deducted from your refund.

To make the request, you can write an e-mail to support@gattinoni.com, attaching the form you can download here, filling it in every part and putting up your signature.

To do the right procedure, follow the istructions you can download here.


Standard shipping 6€
Express shipping 10€
Cash on delivery 11€


The refund will be processed after we’ll have received the products and once we have checked them.Refunds are free for credit card or paypal payments, while they cost € 1.50 for wire transfer or cash on delivery payment. This cost will be deducted from the refund itself

How to make a return

Use, possibly, the box we've sent you the merchandise in. If you thrown it away, please find a new one and let us know the measurements in cm (height, lenght, width). Then we'll send you a readw-to-print waybill, to give to the courier when he comes to your home. You can also choose to take the box at a local office of Poste Italiane. If your interested in such option, when you open the return procedure, we'll let you know which is the closest office to you. In this case too, it's needed to print the waybill we've sent you via e-mail.

Product handling

When you will open the package, you'll find a quite big white tag, attached to the merchandise (note that in some cases, it will be not possible to attach this tag, due to the nature of the product). It's meant to avoid an uncorrect use of the product until you decide to buy it ultimately and to do not make a return. All returned products without these tags, won't be accepted and will be re-shipped to you, charging the further delivery cost too.Note that, also all the other tags accompanying the merchandise, until you haven't decided if the product suits to you, doesn't have to be removed.