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If you experience problems with products purchased from our retailers, please refer to the retailers, as they are obliged by law to assist you. You will need to present proof of purchase, usually a receipt or order confirmation in the case of online purchases.

WELL NOTED: If you do not receive adequate assistance from retailers, you can write to us and we will try to help you as best we can. Please note that by law you are entitled to a 24-month warranty on purchased products and that in the event of a hidden defect you are entitled to receive a product of equal value or a refund from the seller of the product. In the case of products purchased from independent multi-brand retailers, Gattinoni has no obligation to provide assistance, let alone replace or refund the product, but it is the retailer who is legally obliged to provide assistance. Based on our experience, it may happen that some retailers resist or claim that since they no longer have our products in the shop they are not obliged to provide assistance. You have purchased a product from an independent company, which is a third party to Gattinoni and which is directly responsible for the sales contract concluded with you. It is clear that proof of purchase will always be required to assert your rights. Click on the button for the product for which you require assistance and a ticket will be opened immediately. You can reply directly to the ticket. It is important not to open more than one ticket for the same request in order not to slow down the resolution time and to make the whole process clearer and more readable.