Exclusive distribution

Shoes and bags Roma and Planetarium lines

The bags Gattinoni Roma and Gattinoni Planetarium are created in collaboration with Eastlab: they have essence and elegance in their DNA of the Gattinoni brand and all the experience of a leading partner in the sector. Models with a contemporary design that best suit the most refined tastes of the contemporary woman. In footwear, the Gattinoni look becomes total again thanks to a collection of shoes and sandals made in partnership with Eastlab, a leading company in the Italian footwear scene
EastLab S.r.l. Via Piero Gobetti 146 / 2B Industrial Zone A Civitanova Marche (MC) PH. +39 0733 1871629 info@eastlab.it
SHOWROOM Via Volturno 12 50019 - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Pret a porter clothing
Urban Girl was founded in 1994 by the current owner, Massimiliano Laurora. Strengthened by the rich family tradition in the fashion industry, he has acquired a profound experience in the company run by his father as early as the sixties. In 2019 the company closes a licensing agreement with Gattinoni for the production and distribution of a ready-to-wear clothing line. The collection is growing and expanding in the proposal, season after season and is gradually receiving the acclaim of excellent Italian and European boutiques.
Via Enrico Forlanini 68 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM) Tel. 0774 356145 Fax 0774 354270 commerciale@urbangirl.it


The exploration of the female world goes through fragrances too. Thus, from the encounter between the Gattinoni style and Diamond's expertise, the Armonia and Nota Blu lines are born. Two vibrant "notes" of fragrances designed for the contemporary woman who loves exclusivity.
Diamond International Via L. Mascheroni, 31 - 20145 Milan Tel. +39 071 6610060 info@diamondint.it

Jewelery, home accessories and wedding favors

Gattinoni meets design for the first time and presents its Details collection in collaboration with Giovinarte, one of the leading companies in the sector. Unique pieces made with craftsmanship and fine finishes that represent the idea of ​​a versatile and contemporary furnishing. The same collaboration with Giovinarte also led to the Gattinoni Jewels line: contemporary jewelery with an avant-garde and distinctive design, made and handcrafted in Italy. Exclusive and sophisticated, they reinterpret the elegance and style of the Gattinoni brand

Giovinarte s.r.l. via del Commercio 23 63821 Porto S. Elpidio (FM) Tel. +39 0734 679625 Whatsapp +39 351 7700738 info@giovinarte.com