Gattinoni is an ambassador for Italian fashion throughout the world.

The brand has steadily grown: a sign of its excellence in design research and attention to detail, and is increasingly becoming a point of reference fin international fashion luxury.


The Maison Gattinoni was founded in 1946 in Rome by the designer Fernanda Gattinoni. From the royals, to the exponents of the Roman aristocracy, to the Hollywood actresses like Audry Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Ingrid Bergman, all were conquered by her style. Icon of a refined and timeless elegance.


The Maison has invested today in a group of young designers for the realization of its lines of Prêt-à-porterwhich follow the guidelines and the delicate sensibilities of Fernanda Gattinoni, keeping alive the DNA related to the world of couture


A modern production, characterized by an intense sartorial aroma. Simple and elegant lines for the contemporary Gattinoni woman. Essential clothing, never trivial or unnecessary, respecting the female body and reveal a rational sensuality.

About us

Couture, Prêt-à-Porter, Accessories: Gattinoni is 72 years of fashion. Attention and care in the choice of materials, passion for design research and an unique touch. A force arises from the purity of the shapes and their refined simplicity. Desire turned into clothing and accessories.