Size Change

In the case of products sold by size, we offer the customer the possibility to request a change for free. Both the cost of the return and the new shipping cost, in this case, is at our expense.
In the case of change size, the time to exercise the right of withdrawal is 20 days from the day of the first receipt of the goods.
To request a size change, send an email to eshop@gattinoni.com, indicating the order number.

Change of size was not successful

PAY ATTENTION!!! If the customer decides to return the product as a replacement, we will charge both the cost of the final return, as required by the law on the right of withdrawal,that the cost of the exchange practice was not successful.

Return shipping cost € 12 +
Cost of the practice of change of size that was not successful € 16 =
Total Cost >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> € 28

Products treatment

The products are delivered with warranty labels that must not be removed until you are sure to keep the products. Products returned without the guarantee label will not be accepted and will be sent back to customers, with a reimbursement charge. The same applies to products returned by customers for size changes.

Concomitance of return and change of size

In cases where the order contains at least two products, the customer may want to return one and change the size of another. The customer must request, in these cases, both the return and the exchange at the same time, so as to use for the return of the products only one shipment and take advantage of the free ones.