Returns and Refunds

  • You can request the return of goods within 14 days of receipt of the same. It is considered date of receipt that reported in the tracking of the courier. 
  • The cost of return shipping is charged to the customer and will be deducted directly from the refund. The customer can choose to use their own courier if they prefer and in this case the cost will not be deducted, of course, from the refund.
  • In the case of cash on delivery, regardless of whether the customer uses our courier or not, the cost of the cash on delivery fee and the cost of reimbursement on the means of payment indicated by the customer will still be deducted from the refund. This cost is set at € 1.50
  • The product must be returned with the same packaging used for shipping.

Products with defects

  • Only in the event that the product is defective, the cost of return is totally borne by the company.
  • The defectiveness of the product will be established by quality control in the company. Only after the actual finding of the defect will be activated the procedure for free return.

PLEASE NOTE: any visible defect of the products must be ascertained the same day of receipt of shipment. Late reports of these categories of defects will not be taken into account as a reason for return and therefore will not be entitled to free return. Will have to be sent pictures of the defect and of the packaging used for shipping.


  • Refunds are made once the packages have returned to our warehouses and have been checked.
  • If the outcome of quality control is ok the refund is made. If the products are damaged will be returned to the customer and no refund will be made. Will also be charged the additional cost of shipping to the standard shipping price.

What will be refunded:

  • the cost of the products
  • the value of standard shipping.
  • If you have chosen, at the time of purchase, express shipping, the cost will not be fully refunded then.

What will be deducted from the refund:

  • in case of return with our courier, the cost of shipping the package back to the standard shipping rate
  • in case of purchase by cash on delivery, in addition to the cost of standard shipping also the cost of the refund transfer (€ 1.50) and the cost of the cash on delivery service. (only for Italy)

Refund times and level of service

  • The processing times of the return practices vary according to the amount of work that our customer service has at that time. In general, the maximum time allowed by our service policy are:
  • Acceptance of return: 2 working days
  • Communication of acceptance of goods: 2 working days from the day of receipt of the return
  • Issuing of refund: 3 working days from the day of acceptance of goods

PLEASE NOTE: after the issuance of the refund that we will confirm with a special communication, the timing of the credit on the means of payment chosen by you does not depend on us, but by banking institutions and credit card circuits.

How to make the return

  • Log in to your account by clicking on "my account" in the footer of the site under the column Consumer Service.
  • Click on "order history and details".
  • Then click on "details" in the line of the order for which you want to make the return.
  • At this point you will see the details of your order, click on the button "return request".
  • select the items to return and fill in the other fields of the form
  • You will receive a confirmation of the opening of the practice of return.
  • You have to ship the goods with a courier of your choice at the address we’ll send you when accepting the return request

PLEASE NOTE: If possible, use the packaging we sent you the order. If you do not have any more, use one that can contain the product you have to send and try to close it well. We will not accept not suitable packaging.

Product handling

Attached to the products (at least to the products where it is possible), you will find a white rectangular tag, quite large, which should not be detached until you are sure that the product is to your liking. In case of returned products, sent without this tag, we will not be able to refund the product and we will send the goods back to you, charging the additional cost of shipping. Products may be worn only to test the fit, without soiling or damaging them in any part and without removing the warranty tag. Dirty or damaged products will not be accepted as returns. Brand tags and any other tags that may accompany the product should also not be removed or discarded until you are sure that you are not returning the product. In the case of bags, wallets or other products that have packaging materials such as protective plastics, ribbons for gathering straps or tissue paper for packaging, where possible it would be advisable not to remove them until you are sure you will keep the product.