Returns and refunds

Refunds will be made once the goods get to our warehouses and are quality-checked. If quality check is ok the refund will be authorised, while if the goods are damaged or worn-out, no refund will be made and the goods will be shipped back to the customer, charging the further standard shipping cost. What we’ll refund:

  • Product cost
  • Standard shipping cost. If you chose an express shipping method, you’ll get a partial refund

What we’ll deduct from the refund:

  • If you choose to ship back your package with our carrier, we’ll deduct from your refund the cost of the standard shipping
  • If you bought with COD shipping (only for Italy) you’ll get deducted of the wire transfer cost of the refund (€ 1.50), the standard shipping cost and the COD fee

How to make a return

  • Log in to your personal account by clicking on “my account” in the footer, in the Customer care section
  • Click on “Order history and details”
  • Choose the order you want to make the return for and click on “details”
  • Now you can see the order details, click on “return request”
  • Choose the product to return, the motivation and in the description field, besides your requests or observations, let us know if you want to ship back with your courier
  • Then click on “Submit”
  • You’ll get an e-mail confirmation of your return request
  • If you didn’t mention shipping with your courier, we’ll get in touch and ask you when you want the courier to come to your home
  • You’ll get a waybill then, you should print it and give it to the courier
  • You can also choose to leave the package in a local post office along with your waybill - (only for Italy)

Product handling

Attached to the products (at least those which allow it), you’ll find a big white tag, that hasn’t to be cut or thrown away until you’re not sure to not send back the goods. Returned products without the tags will be rejected and the goods will be sent back to the customer, charging the further standard shipping costs. The products can be worn only to test the fit, without staining them, neither damage them. Dirty products or worn-out or damaged won’t be accepted as returns. You haven’t to cut the brand tag either , or the other tags possibly attached to the goods