Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Bread Dress

The dress is the nourishment and the delicious dish to be served on a silver platter, that one of Italian haute couture. The inspiration comes from everyday life to become a Couture à la carte.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Monti Dress

The dress dedicated to the revolutionary character of the Rebirth of the Italian economy, which has not yet taken place but is still in gestation. Impalpable organza veil the body of Top Model Adela Novotna: eight months pregnant, radiant, cultured beauty as a deity.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Tribute to Tricolour

The tricolor dress, worn by Miss Italy 2010 Francesca Testasecca, celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Italy Unification, extolling the Risorgimento glories and invoking silence and reflection.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Beautiful Garbage

An eco-friendly dress that anticipates the themes of environmental sustainability and energy saving. Made with pieces of cloth, scraps and leftovers that can be found in the atelier.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Tribute to Freedom of the Press

The most rebellious of Gattinoni IT Girls provokes and denounces. She wears a white dress with printed newspapers pages and parades a gag that praises the freedom of the press.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


Beautiful Recycle Garbage

An eco-chic manifesto created with eco-friendly bioethical and biodegradable fabrics, plastics, waste of hardware and atelier remnants. Beauty can born even from the trash, if it is recycled and treated.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


The Live Dress

The full skirt gown, worn by Maria Carla Boscono, has six extensions that reproduce arms and legs moved inside by dancers. To prove that haute couture is not dead, but in good health.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni


The Papessa

Gattinoni awakens his Eva in Rome and the robe with an ironically priestly style. A white cassock in which the dome of St. Peter, the universal symbol of Christianity, materializes.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni



A nude model on the catwalk: the first provocation by Guillermo Mariotto, newly appointed creative director of Gattinoni Haute Couture after the death of Raniero.

Abiti provocazioni Gattinoni