Fernanda Gattinoni

A woman with natural elegance

The strength between the Maison and her founder, Fernanda Gattinoni, is the same that since 1946 has made the brand a leading name in international fashion. Born in Cocquio-Trevisago (Varese) on September 20th 1906, she was a woman with natural elegance. At just 19, her talent took her to the London-based fashion house Molyneaux, the brand of the royal family. He renounced to work in Paris with Coco Chanel, to return to Italy as collaborator of the Ventura tailoring, first in Milan and then in Rome.
At that time, the famous couturière became known for having solved the most famous "sartorial drama" in history: ten minutes before the start of the religious ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica, she replaced with long gloves the sleeves of lace of the Princess of Belgium Maria Josè Saxe Coburg Gotha’s bridal dress, who was married to the future King of Italy, Umberto di Savoia, on 8 January 1930.
In December 2001 Fernanda Gattinoni received the "La Lupa", a prestigious award from the Municipality of Rome. He died in 2002, leaving to future women his "formula" to find the proportions by lowering or raising the line of the dress that follow the body without specifying it, its sophisticated simplicity and refined elegance that have always distinguished her creations and making them modern and unforgettable dresses even after 72 years.
“Every woman easily finds her favorable proportions”