Fernanda Gattinoni

A woman with natural elegance

The bond between the Maison and its founder, Fernanda Gattinoni, is such that since 1946 the 'Gattinoni' brand has been a leading trademark on the international fashion scene. Born in Cocquio-Trevisago (Varese) on September 20th 1906, Fernanda Gattinoni was a woman with natural elegance. At just 19, her talent led her to the London-based fashion house Molyneaux, the Royal Family griffe. Refusing to work with Coco Chanel in Paris, Fernanda Gattinoni returned to Italy cooperating with the Ventura maison first in Milan and then in Rome. In December 2001 the City of Rome awarded Fernanda Gattinoni "La Lupa" recognition. She died in 2002, leaving to future women her heritage: a sophisticated simplicity and refined elegance. This is the secret of the Gattinoni creations always trendy and up to date even after 72 years
"Every woman easily finds her most flattering figure"
“Every woman easily finds her favorable proportions”