Maison Gattinoni Made in Italy Ambassador in Mexico City


Metropolitan Contrasts – 1° Edition

Haute Couture 2017/2018

Thursday 23th November 2017

Galería Luis Adelantado


Mexico City


Maison Gattinoni will be the perfect Ambassador of the italian fashion in Mexico, one of the most important country in the world thanks to his culture, his history, turism and worderful and colorful landscapes. Under the patronage of S.E. Luigi Maccotta, Italy Ambassador in Mexico City, and the aegis of Crea Italia Connections, the historic Maison will be the starring role, as honour guest and made in Italy ambassador in the world, in the first edition of Metropolitan Contrasts, that will see fashion as a protagonist trought Italian and Mexican synchrony of excellences.

Wednesday 22th November 2017, in the Residence of Italian Ambassador in Mexico, Stefano Dominella, President of Maison Gattinoni e Guillermo Mariotto, Art Director, will hold the Masterclass Un viaggio alla scoperta del Made in Italy”. The eclectic designer will retrace the italian haute couture landmarks, from ‘50 till nowadays, trought the fascinating history of Maison Gattinoni, one of the most enduring fashion maison in the world, founded by Madame Fernanda in the 1946.

Thursday 23th November 2017 the Gattinoni Couture collection will wal the catwalk in the suggestive setting of Galería Luis Adelantado. The collection is inspired by oniric dimension where haute couture merges with reality. Dresses, at times surreal, are inspired by a physical, transcendent sleepy, dream-like state, enriched by unique jewels realized for the collection, by Gianni De Benedittis, the designer of brand futuroRemoto. For the important occasion Guillermo Mariotto has created an exclusive dress inspired by mexican colours and culture.

“In the expansion project of our griffe, Mexico represent a point of great development, the fashion area for Italy is a lever of business, culture and history.” - declares Stefano Dominella Maison Gattinoni President - “We’re honoured to presente our Fashion in a country as Mexico, an expanding universe, land rich of culture and tradition, with an event waited by institutions, buyer and international press. It’s the charm of our history connect to High Handicraft, the confirm of our presence in a Country always ready to new challenges and new prospective, also commercials.”




Innovative marketing, communication and images strategies, connect to sartorial tradition, are the elements that make Maison Gattinoni one of the most enduring and appreciated in the international fashion, and for this reason the ideal Ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.


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