Gattinoni Maison, Made in Italy Ambassador, guest of honour in Ho Chi Minh City

Gattinoni Maison, Made in Italy Ambassador, guest of honour in Ho Chi Minh City during Vietnam International Fashion Week – SS18
Sunday, 22nd April, 2018
Nguyen du Stadium,
Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Gattinoni Maison has been guest of honour and Ambassador of Made in Italy, in Vietnam.
The historic Maison, under the patronage of General Italian Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, through the presence of Dr. Dante Brandi, has been the undisputed protagonist during the 2018 edition of Vietnam International Fashion Week, from 17th to 22nd April, 2018.
Thanks to its culture, its history, its tourism, and its magic colourful landscapes, Vietnam is claiming to be one of the new reference points in the International Fashion System.
On Sunday, 22nd April, in the majestic setting of Nguyen du Stadium, in Ho Chi Minh City, the new Gattinoni Couture has been presented.
This new Collection, realized by the Maison's creative director, Guillermo Mariotto, has been inspired by the dreamlike dimension, where high fashion merges with reality. Clothes, nearly surreal, are inspired by physic and transcendental dream-sleep, enriched with jewellery, realized, exclusively for the collection, by Gianni De Benedittis, goldsmith and designer for the brand “Futuro Remoto”.
The fashion show, that closed the sixth edition of Vietnam International Fashion Week, has been a huge success, entertaining more than 650 people. 34 Asian TV programmes were present, too.
On the runway, among the 30 models, H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe in 2017 and some famous Vietnamese movie stars.
Furthermore, the General Italian Consul in Vietnam, Dante Brandi, ironically walked the catwalk, in honour of Gattinoni and Made in Italy, wearing a black silk negligee, decorated with precious metallic materials and a pair of black velvet slippers.
After the parade, a party has been organized on the Italian Consulate terrace. Among the 100 selected guests, Ms. Trang Lee, Vietnam International Fashion Week's President and organizer of the evening, institutional personalities of the town, Vietnamese fashion magazines' directors, such as Ms Thien Huong for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and Thi Thu Hà Nguyen for Elle Vietnam.
On account of the participation of the Maison and the presence of the Maison's President, Gattinoni and the President of textile and clothing section of Unindustria, Stefano Dominella, the General Italian Consul in Vietnam, Dante Brandi, laid the foundation stones for an agreement.
It will be concluded between the Institutions of Vietnam International Fashion Week and Unindustria's textile, clothing, fashion and accessories sections.
The future “Creativity Club” will allow some selected young Vietnamese designers, to present their own capsule collection in Rome and, vice versa, to selected Italian designers to present their capsule collection in Vietnam.
During his Vietnamese sojourn, Maison's president held a Masterclass at the Italian General Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, about the theme “A journey discovering Made in Italy”.
Stefano Dominella talked about the importance of cultivating dreams and to interpret, in a contemporary view, the deep culture we live in.
More than 600 students from Vietnamese Fashion Universities and Institutes, have been invited to the conference that highlighted the milestones of Italian High Fashion, from the 50s to the present time, focusing on the fascinating history of Gattinoni Maison, one of the longest-running Fashion Labels on the international stage, founded by Madame Fernanda in 1946 “In an expansion project, as the one that our brand is experiencing, Vietnam represents a point of great growth. Fashion sector in Italy is a great shuttlecock in business, culture and history.
The attraction of our history, connected to good Craft and to beauty and shapely Italian products, confirms our presence in a country open to new challenges, to new prospectives, also commercial ones.” Stefano Dominella.
Innovative marketing, communication and image strategies, combined with sartorial tradition, make Gattinoni one of the longest-running and most appreciated Maisons in the international fashion business.
For this reason, it is the perfect Ambassador of Made in Italy all over the world.